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About the project...

The project has aims to document the achievement of people from the past who made a difference in  Melita.

For each person we will attempt to determine his or her origins, relationships, occupation and achievements  as well as noting, the impact the person has had on the community and the world.

Any old photos or other documentation unearthed is included in the file. In some cases other resources have been identified.

The project is intended as a "Beginning" rather tha a Finished Product. Local groups and individuals are invited to amend and add to it. New information is always welcome and we will make every effort to add anthing that is sent to us.

In doing heritage research one often encounters mysteries and unanswered questions. We are always hoping that an answer is Out There. We  encourge input from any source.

One goal is to collect as much information about Melita's people as we can and we would appreciate corrections, additions, comments and questions as we complete the project.