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The Coultervale Cemetery from "Sourisford and Area 1879"

The Coultervale Cemetery was surveyed in 1898 and located on the N.W. corner of 22-1-27. A great many of the pioneers of the area have been laid to rest there. A cemetery committee supported by the resiŽdents of the district keeps the cemetery in good condition.

Melita Cemetery

In September, 1892 the municipal council comŽpleted the purchase of nine acres of land from Mr. T. D. Sturgeon, and had it surveyed for a cemetery. This cemetery is located about a mile west of Melita on a bank of the creek — high and dry. Lots no. 144 to 170 inclusive were set aside in 1899 for paupers and strangers.
In October 1904 at a Board of Trade meeting, G. L. Dodds and A. B. Estlin were appointed to look into the matter of proper caretaking of the cemetery. Consequently two members were appointed from Arthur Municipality, two from town council and four members met with the Board of Trade committee in October. The committee consisted of W. Kilkenny and J. Williams — Arthur Municipality; C. P. Estlin and T. W. Sturgeon — Town of Melita; G. L. Dodds - Melita Board of Trade; Mayor Estlin in the chair and A. B. Estlin as secretary.
In August 1907 the Arthur Council gave $400 for construction of a vault and improvements to Melita Cemetery. The morgue was built in 1908 by Johnston and Pope. Lots sold for $2 per grave.

In June 1925, 50 roots of peony, iris and bleeding heart, were donated by "Peony Farm", Portage La Prairie to the Cemetery board. In the fall of 1927, 1000 tulip bulbs were planted.
By 1936 the appearance of the cemetery had suffered extensively from drought. Nathan House was to supervise the cemetery that year.

The rough iron gates were built into the fence about 1969. This project was undertaken by the Rebekah Lodge in honor of their 60th Anniversary.

In 1982 the responsibility of the cemetery falls to the rural council, who in turn bill half the expenses to the town on an annual basis.

Some of the caretakers have been Mr. Storey, Mrs. Lodwick, Percy Loucks, Glen Gordon, Herb Pickett and George Anderson.